Punta Arenas...a windy city!

Punta Arenas is a windy city all year round. However, the windiest season is from September until January, that means during the spring and part of the summer. The average speed of the wind goes from 30 to 60 kilometers per hour (19 to 31 miles per hour. That is ok, but what we really call a 'windy day' here is when the speed reaches easily 100 or up to 130 kilometers per hour (62 and up to 81 miles per hour). 

Don't be surprised then if you see some ropes tied from one traffic light or street light pole to another one placed a few meters away. We walk and hold on the ropes to prevent accidents in the streets. 

Also, the windchill factor makes the area colder, so we recommend you to dress warmly, even during the summer. 

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